Best Shortstop Glove: A Closer Look.

In a hurry? Here are the top four best shortstop gloves:

They call baseball a bat-and-ball game, but we think it’s oblivious of one essential tool, the glamorous glove. From Francisco Lindor and his Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS205 to Carlos Correa with Wilson A2000 1787, there was a moment when the brightest players had to take their pick, not knowing it will go down in history side by side with their names and victories.

The biggest names in this glove-making industry are Rawlings, Wilson and Mizuno. For such brands, a baseball glove could easily become a masterpiece. This article will take you on a journey with several stations. Starting with a bit of historical background, continuing to review some of the best products in the market and ending with pieces of advice on how to choose the most suitable glove.

This black leather, 12.75-inch right-hander glove is designed with premium US Steer hide construction which guarantees durability for multiple seasons while providing a sense of exceptional firmness and high quality. In other words, this is what we can call an infielder’s favourite. The Pro Select design has its pocket adequately positioned beneath a modified T-web and an elegant wrist lining surrounding its base. This shortstop mitt allows middle infielders to enjoy the advantage of having a hand-based pattern structure, placing it as one of the best shortstop gloves.

Historically speaking, Rawlings Heart of the Hide has always been on top of the list regarding comfort, control and quality. This 12. 5-inch fastpitch softball glove is the go-to choice by pros and softball superstars for its comfortable feel, perfectly-balanced pattern, sophisticated model and reliable durability. Considered as the best shortstop glove for pitchers, infielders and outfielders. This mitt is made of high-quality full-grain leather and complemented with a black pull-strap closure to control the fit.

With its soft palm lining and padded loops, this 10-inch glove is the perfect choice for a little left-handed player. This model of the Rawlings Lefty PL10SS would be the first option for young players investing in colour and design. The modern style gives this mitt an advantage over other shortstop gloves with its black and red leather and modern design. Rawlings made sure this design comes across as modern and new allowing young players to feel empowered and in control while playing in the pitcher position.

The baseball equipment giant undoubtedly excelled in creating this 11 75 inch, bio soft leather glove. Pros are always on the lookout for top-notch features and high-quality materials, and on this occasion, this premium glove ticks all the boxes. From its exceptional firmness to its smooth feel, Mizuno’s professional glove exemplifies their craftsmanship. Fit, performance and flexibility, such an option is guaranteed to exceed expectations.

The Starting Point

Up until the late 1800s, baseball players used their bare hands to play. Gloves were socially unacceptable and were categorized as “unmanly” resulting in them being unpopular between athletes in different sports like cricket and baseball. Broken finger bones and damaged palms were a common sight between baseball players, who continuously exposed their hands to the high velocity of a fastball refusing to wear a glove of any kind.

Rethinking Social Norms

By 1880s, injuries continued to limit players from showing their best performances and, eventually, the public opinion was bound to change. Starting with a fingerless leather glove, that was difficult to notice, baseball players chose to use a minimalistic design, at first, to protect their hands. As the use of gloves became more acceptable, designers continued to make new models, adding multiple features like prominent padding and sewing individual fingers to make it easier for the players to handle the ball.

A Matter of Time

By 1930, a need for a new type of glove had emerged. That was when the added connection between thumbs and index fingers produced webbing. Webbing created pockets which allowed fielders to remove the ball easily to make a quick throw to the base. By 1980s, baseball players happily welcomed a bigger glove with bigger pockets and better durability. This fascinating addition to the game contributed to a 40% decline of the number of errors per game. Nowadays, a baseball glove gives a sort of identity to players and is closely associated with some of the biggest names in the game.

High-quality patterns, large pockets, leathery finishes and tight fibres. Baseball gloves are artistic in their own way. But when it comes to making a decision, we should place quality at the very top of the list. In this article, we compare the different features of the most popular gloves. Let’s take a look into the world of mitts and their innumerable variations.

What is the best shortstop glove?

What makes a shortstop glove the best on the market? If we are going to answer this question, we need to keep in mind the golden measures in the world of infield gloves: length, webs and patterns.

Webs, Pockets and Patterns

One of the most common webs in baseball gloves is the I-Web. Many players choose this web for its accompanied shallow pocket, which creates an open style allowing the player to scoop up the ball easily and quickly. However, the high-quality H-Web proved to be far more convenient when it comes to allowing dirt to fall out while maintaining the open style of the glove.

Wilson A2000

Wilson A2000 is considered to be one of the best infield gloves in the whole world. Wilson is one of the brands which has a fascinating history in trying and testing their new designs to better develop a glove that’s durable yet comfortable to use in the field, especially for players in a shortstop position.

Materials & Fitting

This glove is made of Pro Stock leather which provides unmatched durability while remaining extremely light. Wilson A2000 is an impressive model with fascinating quality. It is a glove that has it all, and it is fair to say that it rose up to meet the expectations of it of being one of the best in the world. What makes it so desirable by pros in shortstop positions is that the glove perfectly fits into four categories which most of the people look for while making a purchase for a shortstop position.

Size & Length

The size of this glove is the first factor which makes it irresistible to many, with a length of 11 5 inches from the web tip to the heel. Most of the middle infielders would prefer this particular size. The 11 5 inches is considered ideal for infielders since the glove itself is not too small nor too big. In newer versions, extra padding is added in the heel which is enough to make it comfortable but not to affect making fast exchanges. Wilson A2000 could easily be titled as Wilson’s masterpiece.

What size glove do infielders use?

Ranging from 11 to 12 inches, infielders have a wider variety of options. However, 11 75 has proved to be the perfect fit for an infielder since it contributes to a versatile glove and allows players to use it at multiple positions in the infield. Combining the perfect size, single post webbing, and unmatched durability, the Wilson A2000 1786 is the glove money can buy. Wilson’s A2K uses pro stock leather, ensuring flawlessness, consistency and an incomparable shape.

What size glove does a shortstop use?

Serving in a shortstop position places the player in the heart of the defence. Therefore, choosing the best shortstop glove could be the ultimate turning point. The perfect size for a shortstop glove is either 11 25, 11 5 or 11 75 inches. Agreed by many, the 11 5 inch is the best length for a shortstop glove, allowing players to perform the perfect quick transfers.

Choosing the Perfect shortstop Glove

Deciding on a shortstop glove could be challenging. Whether it is Wilson a2k or Rawlings Pro Preferred, the world’s best glove is the one that’s most comfortable for you. Here are some tips on how to choose:

Choose your glove based on your position

Your position around the diamond should guide your decision. Whether you’re a shortstop or a baseman, an infielder or an outfielder, your choice of gloves could set the base for a series of victories. So, before you choose a model, keep in mind the world’s best baseball glove is the one that makes you feel in control of your position.

Know Your Leather

The two most popular options when it comes to leather in baseball gloves are the Pro Preferred and the Heart of the Hide. While both gloves sound equally fancy, the Pro Preferred is a stiffer, more durable leather, where the Heart of the Hide is more likely to break-in. On a different note, Pro Preferred gloves preserve their shape longer than Heart of the Hide models.

Fitting is Everything

It shouldn’t be surprising to know how far professionals would go to choose the perfect glove. Carlos Correa, for example, made sure his glove was designed according to his exact specifications. His Wilson A2000 1787 provides a smooth feel and a perfect fitting. While this method is exclusive to pros and superstars, you will most definitely find the most suitable choice in the world of baseball gloves until you become a superstar yourself!

My final thoughts on the best shortstop glove

While browsing the unlimited options could be challenging and stressful, choosing a mitt is an exciting process and is guaranteed to give you a new perspective regarding where you stand as a player, both figuratively and physically. Your first baseball glove will always have a special place in your heart and would most definitely contribute to your baseball identity. So, in case you’re waiting for a sign to start your journey, then this is it!

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