Best First Base Glove: We Try, Test and review 5 of the best

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If you are a starter, playing the first base position is quite hard. This is because you need to catch the most vital throws from your enemies compared to what a catcher or pitcher receives while playing. This is the main reason you need to have the best first base glove.

This glove will help you to protect yourself against the most violent throws.

Compared to other brands and models of base gloves out there, the first baseman glove is different when it comes to their shape. This is mainly because of its work in the field.

In this single post, we will share the best first base gloves available in the market today to help you with the catching and scooping actions in the field. Rest assured that each product listed below offers you the best performance.

So, if you are ready, let’s start the rundown of the best first base gloves in the market.

Considering that the first baseman is responsible for winning the game compared to the other position players, it is crucial to get a lightweight baseman glove for youth. This Wilson A2000 Series MC24 Miguel Cabrera Game Model 1st Baseball Glove is packed with superb features that youth players will enjoy. It is also lightweight, enabling the player to immediately respond to the thrown ball. These glove series offer you a durable shield, which will protect your hands against the impact of the ball while defending it. If this is your first time playing the first baseman position, ensure to wear this baseman glove to protect your hands from possible damages. Wilson A2000 offers the best palm cushioned that provides an extra layer of protection and comfort for youth’s delicate hands. The Wilson series of gloves are always on top. This baseball first base mitt from Wilson is perfect to use for fast pitch baseball.

Another baseman glove for youth made by Wilson A2000 is the PS 1st Base Baseball Glove. If you are looking for a lightweight glove that could make your child feel as if you are playing like a pro, look no further with Wilson A2000 PS 1st Base Baseball Glove. It is 12 inches, making it perfect for adult and youth players.

It has useful wrist adjustment features, making it an ideal baseman gloves for parents and children. While in the field, this pair of gloves offer you extra comfort while scooping or catching the most substantial throws from your competitor.

Considering the tight competition in the market, most baseball gloves for youth are of good quality. In this case, it would be great if you will look for a baseman glove made by a trusted and reliable manufacturer. Give your nephew or yourself a nice baseman glove from the Wilson series of gloves. To ensure that the player’s hand is protected, the Wilson manufacturer added a palm heel technology. Aside from added protection, this feature also improves the overall game performance of the player. Wilson is one of the leading manufacturers that offer color pop designs.

As this baseman glove is 12 inches, long, young and adult players can use it. Keeping your hands cool and dry while playing is an important aspect you should pay close attention to. However, this another baseman glove from Wilson comes with DriLex wrist lining, giving you this function.

If you are looking for a low price baseball first baseball gloves for youth in the market, then the mitt Mizuno GXF90B Franchise Series First Base Mitt is perfect for you. It is made from Java leather materials, ensuring quality. It is also one of the baseman gloves used by a pro. Since it is made from leather, a long-lasting and improved game experience is expected.

It’s HiLo lacing feature improves the integrity as well as the flexibility of the fully-laced web. Considering the extra works of baseman players in the field, the Para Shock Plus Palm Pad feature of Mizuno gloves makes it perfect for scooping short throws. It reduces the deadens and sting caused by the strong impact of the ball.

Another right-hand throw first baseman mitt Mizuno is the GXF50PSE5. If you are looking for a baseman mitt suitable for young players, you should consider the glove size. If your nephew or brother is 9 to 17 years old, we recommend you to choose Mizuno GXF50PSE5 12.5 Inches Baseball First Base Mitt. Mizuno is also a famous manufacturer of high-quality baseman mitts.

It offers good fitting to both young and adult hands. It is also made from top-notch materials, making it one of the best gloves in the market today. This can last for some time, even for frequent use. It offers extra protection to your palm and fingers, making it an ideal baseman mitt for starters and young players.

How To Choose The Best First Base Glove

As we mentioned earlier, basemen do a lot of works in the field. That’s why they require a quality pair of gloves that will help them defeat their competitor and improve their gameplay. This section will give you important things to keep in mind when picking the best baseman glove.

Perhaps, first basemen are one of the most essential position players in the diamond. They receive the strongest throws from their competitors. They are the one who is more responsible for getting the star of the play.

Compared to other gloves used in the field, first base gloves look different. It comes with a design that is developed with function in mind, not fashion. Technically, first base gloves are also called by most players as first base mitts.

The main difference between a baseball glove and a baseball mitt is that the former comes with finger slots separated at its back and outer parts. At the same time, the latter looks like a single solid glove.

First basemen and catchers are the only persons who can wear the base mitt during the play.

A baseman mitt’s function gives a broader surface area and an extra layer of protection, enabling him to catch and scoop the throws.

Despite the brand of a base mitt, they look and work the same. But, if you are looking for the one with the highest quality and best performance, ensure to consider the following features:

Materials and Rigidity

A catcher’s mitt should be rigid to handle pitch after pitch. Similarly, a baseman’s glove requires a high level of rigidity to withstand the most violent throws.

The first two features to consider when buying a baseman mitt are the rigidity level and construction materials.

You need to look for a mitt that offers flexibility, allowing you to meet fielding needs and scoop tosses. Considering these requirements, it would be best to look for a mitt constructed from leather materials.

Leather offers both stiffness and strength. You can use some synthetic mitts. But if you are more on its sturdiness, look for a leather-based baseman glove.

One of the crucial features you need to keep in mind is the degrees of wrist adjustments. Other mitts provide wrist adjustability features, often in additional lacing, D-ring, or Velcro strap.

This feature enables the player to wear the gloves firmer. It is your personal preference that will dictate which adjustment option is perfect for you.

Sizing the Best First Base Gloves

Technically, first basemen’s gloves feature a curved edge, stable, and more extended design. This feature allows baseman to stop quick ground balls and scoop wild throws. The wide surface of this glove gives the infielders to have a larger target to throw the ball.

The size of a first baseman’s mitt is ranging from 12 inches to 13 inches. Ensure to pick the right size of the mitt. Also, make sure that you can move your hands freely without any hassle throughout the game.

Sizing is an essential factor that needs to keep in mind when looking for a first base glove for starters.

Web and Pocket Depth
Compared to other position players, first basemen receive the strongest and violent throws most of the time. Also, they don’t make frequent ball transfers during the game.

In connection to that, a deeper depth of pocket should be present as it can help the player to withstand the catches.

Also, consider looking for a baseman glove with an open-style web. The web feature allows the player to dig out ground balls or wild throws easily.

What Are The Advantages Of Using the Best First Base Glove?

My final thoughts on the best first base glove

Give your game with a touch of Rawlings pro by using either of the mentioned first base mitts above. A first base mitt is an essential tool for every first base player. Unlike baseball first base gloves, a first base mitt is more durable.

If you are playing as a first base player, ensure to use only the quality baseball first base mitt. Look for its key features before placing your order. A baseball first base mitt is being worn by the basemen. A pair of baseball gloves with double palm construction and a deep pocket is a big help to protect your delicate hands.

One of the key features to keep in mind when buying a first base mitt is its deep pocket, size, leather shell, and materials used. A deep pocket helps you to scoop and catch the striking ball easily. Most pro stock Mizuno MVP prime baseball glove is recommended for both beginner and pro.

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