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Even if you dream of hitting home runs like Babe Ruth, even if you picture yourself strutting around the bases as the ball soars over your adoring audience, some of them craning their necks to watch out, some of them wanting to catch your attention as you wave in celebration, there is one fact about baseball; Even the very best of the best sloggers have all started out the way so many other Americans have, catching the ball in their back yard.

Soccer supporters may dream of scoring from 50 yards, football fans of making that Tom Brady pass, and baseball buffs of hitting that home run. But check out any home video of today’s stars as kids, and you’ll either see them with a ball at their feet or in their hand.

A baseball glove is an extension of the catching hand, and because it’s for your 8-year-old means that it should be a quality glove. Left-handed, right-handed, it doesn’t matter; the only time the best baseball gloves are noticed is when they get taken off, and we want to put them back on. The soft inner lining, the pro stock leather, the synthetic leather, should all feel right. And that feeling when you catch the ball, the noise it makes as it hits the palm pad, are all signs of a long-lasting, quality glove.

The All Star Youth Catchers Baseball Glove is not your average youth baseball glove. Though it comes with a velcro strap, you’ll be surprised at how stiff and sturdy the leather feels. A great glove that’ll get better with time and replicate those big-league baseball gloves that you, or your 8-year-olds, already have their eye on. Though not the cheapest option on offer by any means, the All Star Youth Catchers Baseball Glove may be the best baseball glove we reviewed.

Franklin Sports Teeball Recreational Series Fielding Glove is perfect for those who are starting out and want to try baseball at home. Though not the best baseball glove if you intend to use it in the World Series, it is certainly one of the best for introducing baseball to a wider audience. It’ll give confidence when catching the ball, and though the high quality may not be pro stock leather high, it will be more than enough for some Teeball at home or in the park.

The Wilson A200 Youth MLB 10″ Tee Ball Glove is the little brother of the iconic Wilson A2000. It is one of the most popular on the list. As well as being perfect for any Nicks fans, the glove is made from long-lasting synthetic leather. It may not be the Wilson A2000, but if you want to catch the ball in style, this right-handed or left-handed synthetic leather glove may be the best way to introduce your 8-year-olds to an amazing glove series.

Rawlings Players Series Youth T-Ball glove is the best baseball glove for any 8-year-olds who want a loud and proud youth glove that is high quality, looks great and works great as a baseball, t-ball, or softball glove. From first base through third base to at home or in the park, this glove will make sure you stand out while catching out.

Buying Your 8 Year Old Kid's First Baseball Glove

Baseball gloves for kids are something that you do need to think about. A good baseball glove is one of the best investments you can make if your 8-year-old is keen on taking up the sport. As your child’s hand is growing, you need a baseball glove that will be supple, strong, and supportive enough to cover a lot of bases. The strength to catch a ball, the softness to stretch, and the quality to inspire confidence are all factors. In this article, we’ll try and give you some tips on what to look for when buying a new glove, be it a softball glove, a catcher’s mitt, or their first real baseball glove.

Youth Baseball Glove or Youth Catcher's Mitt

The obvious difference here is that a baseball glove has fingers, and a catcher’s mitt does not. However, more than just a preference, the best baseball gloves, and the finest catcher’s mitts are designed for a purpose. Mitts are great for scooping and controlling balls that don’t hit the pocket dead on, whereas baseball gloves are generally more versatile. For an 8-year-old, we’re going to recommend a baseball glove most of the time. Youth baseball gloves are designed for general players who are going to play many positions before they settle on one. First Base and Catcher are the only positions allowed to use mitts, and this will be restrictive for an 8-year-old player.

Youth Baseball Glove Sizing

First Base
Second Base
Third Base
7 and Under
29.5" - 30"
8" - 10.5"
8" - 10.5"
8" - 10.5"
9" - 10.5"
8" - 10.5"
8 - 10
30" - 31"
11.5" - 12"
10.5" - 11.25"
10.5" - 11.25"
10.5" - 11.5"
10" - 12"
10.5" - 11.5"
11 - 13
30" - 32.5"
11.5" - 12"
11" - 11.5"
11" - 11.5"
11" - 11.75"
12" - 12.75"
11.5" - 12"
14 and Older
32" - 34.5"
12" - 13"
11.25" - 11.5"
11.25" - 11.5"
11.5" - 12"
12" - 12.75"
11.5" - 12"

Youth baseball gloves are designed for smaller hands. Though there is no age limit, they generally go right up to and including preteens, so they are the best baseball gloves for 8-year-olds. They are made from materials that will break in faster than adult gloves. In the sizing guide below, you’ll see that for an 8-year-old, a 10.5-11.25″ baseball glove is the best bet, and for a catcher’s mitt, you want to be looking at around 31″.

How To Measure Baseball Gloves for Kids

How to Measure a Baseball Glove for an 8 Year Old Getting the right-sized baseball glove for your 8-year-old is essential; there will be a little 8-year-old hand in there that needs to grow and be protected. Luckily, baseball glove sizing, even for 8-year-olds, isn’t hard. Using a flexible tape, start at the highest point of the baseball glove’s fingers; this is generally the top of the index. From here, go down through the palm pad and down to the heel. For a catcher’s mitt, stretch the glove flat out and measure the entire width with that same flexible tape.

Baseball Glove Terminology

best baseball glove for 8 year old - baseball glove section names Right-Hand Throw vs. Left-Hand Throw
It doesn’t matter what the glove is made from or how long-lasting it is, youth players are like every other human being in that they have one hand stronger than the other. When buying a baseball glove, remember that the best youth players will be catching the ball with their non-dominant hand and throwing with the dominant one. Left-handed 8-year-olds need baseball gloves for their right hands, and those who have a dominant right hand will be looking at gloves that fit on their left hand.

Basket Web
The Basket Web allows the wearer to open and close the baseball glove with more dexterity by connecting the fingers and thumb with a tightly woven piece of synthetic leather, pigskin leather, or any material suitable for webbing.

The palm, also known as the shock palm or the palm pad, provides padding beneath the leather to soften the impact of fast-moving balls.

To make a youth glove easy to break-in or reduce the break-in period, many of the best youth baseball gloves use a heel to provide protection and help encourage the glove to mold in the right way.

Lacing is generally designed to break in with the rest of the glove. As such, it is usually made of the same material. If you have a leather glove, you can expect leather lacing, too.

Named appropriately, the hinge simply allows the glove to open and close.

Adjustable Wrist Strap
Found on many youth gloves, an adjustable wrist strap will give you a good fit right from the store and allows gloves to be shared.

My final thoughts on the best baseball glove for 8 year old

The best baseball glove for your 8 year old is an individual choice. Everyone has their favorite baseball gloves, and no two whatever-year-old kids are alike. Generally, though, a youth baseball glove is probably not going to be made from one of the harder and most durable materials, such as pro-stock leather. It’ll more like be designed to be far easier to break in and perhaps include a velcro adjustable wrist strap so that it fits correctly for longer.

The best baseball gloves for 8 year olds may be made of synthetic leather, they might have extra padding or a velcro strap, and they will be slightly smaller than the best baseball gloves for adults.

What’s important here is that you’re buying for now. You’re buying a glove for an 8 year old, and it should fit perfectly, it should open and close easily, and it should be comfortable.

Please don’t fall into the trap of buying a high-end baseball glove for your 8 year old kid to grow into. If it doesn’t fit now, your eight year old kid will be at an immediate disadvantage.

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