The Best 3rd Base Glove for 2021

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I have done extensive research on the best five third base gloves I could find. Here, I compiled the best five gloves on the market. It may save a lot of time and bother for readers in the process of comparing between them and being of, at least, half a mind to buy the best one.

Everything was harsh in the old days that have elapsed: even baseball in its dawn was a glove-less sport — You can imagine the pain! — however, in 1870, when a catcher for the Cincinnati Red Stockings, ‘Dough Allison’ sat and pondered about a solution at the detriment of his injured left hand: he was fortunate enough to push his luck far into the genius idea of using for the first time a baseball glove.

This was, a major moment in the history of baseball,—A spark! that created an extraordinary sensation and trend, which lasted until this very day.

All things considered, Charlie Waitt, both a St. Louis outfielder and baseman, was the first man ever to confirm the use of gloves, he, then, persisted on donning crimson-colored gloves which led the glove use to become slowly all the rage as more and more players adopted the use of baseball gloves in the field.

Third Base Gloves and how to pick the best ones

Baseball gloves come in a multitude of sizes and, equally, shapes, and forms. In the present article we are going to direct our focus on third base gloves, give you useful information in short order so that you can, eventually, make the best choice and vouch for your awesomeness and refined style.

As follows, you are going to find some valuable and worthwhile answers to questions that you might have asked regarding third base gloves:

What size gloves do third basemen use?

Size, in most cases, is determined by position, age, and by what you are comfortable with. As regards the suitable glove size for someone positioned in the hot corner, it ranges from 11 1/2 inches to 12 inches. It is, however, much smaller compared to the catcher’s mitt which is usually 32 1/2 inches to 35 inches, and slightly bigger than the gloves for first base, second base, and shortstop.

Moreover, it is important to note that they are a little bigger for the main reason that the ball is hit forcefully, and, that more leather is merely used to impede the movement of the ball for a nimble catch.

An 111/2 inches or 113/4 inches third base glove is widely and commonly used and opted for, whereas a 12 inch one would be judged as disproportionate for an infield player.

What kind of glove should a third baseman use?

Gloves are made of leather, and the kind of leather of which they are manufactured, nowadays, is by the dozen. some of them can be of good quality, some are rather of poor quality and below the sought-after standards and expectations.

In my modest and well-informed opinion, stiff leather usually tends to be more durable and to last for a longer period of time.—You should always cherry-pick gloves made with the stiffest leather: Rawlings has meticulously crafted and engineered Heart of The Hide from the premium and high-quality steer-hides, it feels as though it is an extension of your hand, allowing you more cohesion, and eliminating any unwanted rigidity and stiffness. in addition, you can easily break in the glove.

In contrast with the Rawlings Pro Preferred that is made from a less stiff leather,—I’m confident that you’ll find Rawlings Heart of The Hide much to your liking, since it permits maximum durability and is easy to break in while maintaining a certain rigidity to create a pocket which will, certainly, empower your hold on the ball.

How Do You Break In A Third Base Glove?

Some notable baseball players, whose names were embroidered with gold on the garment of history, had a repeated habit of breaking in their gloves by either, dunking them in water or beating them with a bat as if mellowing out a slice of meat. Others, preferred to place them in microwave ovens or lather them with skin moisturizers.—To each his own habit!

My final thoughts on the best 3rd base glove

As a third baseman, when having an itch for buying a baseball glove, you are blessed with many options. Your baseball glove is an investment! However, you’ll be on a tough mission to unearth the perfect and high-quality one without having to pay a top price.

If you want a great baseball glove that will last, you’ll have to reflect on many factors.

Since I have stated on a previous occasion that the best baseball glove size ranges from 1150” to 1175”, and given the fact that I have taken the effort and time to compare between all the baseball gloves that are out there, I’ll grant myself the right and privilege to get very opinionated here in order to elect The Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball Mitt as one of the best baseball gloves that are currently available for sale online: reasonably priced, as we can stay realistic and consider the Rawlings glove solely on its merits and affordable price.

The Francisco Lindor Model allows a beforehand break in of 90% just from the factory, which is a high and very unique percentage on the market, furthermore, the palm lining and index area are cushioned with reasonable limits. A Rawlings baseball glove is a gem and will always be the greatest addition to your collection.

I hope I helped you find your new gladsome possession,—Your hot corner glove! And, it’s already Francisco Lindor confirmed. Now, all your aspirations rest upon you to affirm the excellence of all those third basemen who attained distinction and found a place among the stars.

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